Narrative Documents

//The Beast

The Beast is a short story I intended as story fluff for a tabletop RPG titled Mind of the Beast, in which players were pilots of massive biological mecha known as Archangels. These Archangel pilots were set to defend various human colonies against Demigods, massive alien kaiju with no known intelligence or motive. The project was heavily inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion and Pacific Rim.

Read The Beast here.

//The Viritane

The Viritane is a short write-up for a fictional science fiction species. I was heavily inspired by hivemind-style insect creatures, such as the Rachni from Mass Effect and the Arachnids from Starship Troopers, but wanted to create such a species which was more distant from the purely-insectoid nature of those races. Thus, I created the Viritane, a science and spirituality-focused species which, in a time of need, had a fall from grace into a warmongering civilization. The Viritane could easily be used in most far-future science-fiction games, either as an enemy fodder race, a primary enemy, or even as an interesting species to ally itself with humanity.

Read about the Viritane here.