Design Documents

//Master Hunter Concept Document

This concept document details the broad strokes of the game Master Hunter, a proposed top-down beat-’em-up based on bar fighting. Players will be able to choose between one of four characters with different fighting styles, as well as drink different drinks in order to obtain buffs, allowing them a wide range of customization options for how they want to initiate the fight. The title is a play on the translation of “Jagermeister”, and the game would feature a ridiculous, over-the-top tone.

Read the concept doc for Master Hunter here.

//Tell No Tales Concept Document

This concept document lays out the concept for Tell No Tales, a strategy RPG set in a world of pirates designed to be completed over the course of a semester. Heavily inspired by Fire Emblem, the game features a crew of unique pirates fighting foes on the high seas, engaged in both melee and ranged combat, as well as naval combat and tactics. Characters will have unique stats and classes, and conversations had between crew members outside of combat will yield perks that are useful in combat.

Read the concept doc for Tell No Tales here.